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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Kate On Sports: Kate On Women And Muscle

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Blogger Seth said...

hey! what a cool site! i somehow stumbled onto ur cal piece! awesome! so when is the next kate on cal show going to be?

3:06 PM  
Anonymous Ronin Bernie said...

Great Blog. Not too long ago, in the city of Madrid, Spain, ultra-thin models were banned from fashion shows. Although many professionals (whatever that means) criticized it, it's a good change for the moment. Other women in the music industry have also grown more fit, especially women in hip hop. I'm not talking about booty! Singer Pink made that song, "Stupid Girls" to address the issue of girls like Lohan who are ultra thin. So the debate continues!

6:30 PM  
Anonymous jack said...

Unfortunately, it all depends on dudes. There are still many dudes who like the ultra-thin chicks and are turned off by muscular women. A lot of these guys work in Hollywood. I'm thinking that these actresses and models aren't starving themselves because THEY thought it was a good idea. I believe someone had to put a bug in their ear. Or it's just common knowledge that thin gets you more work.
There are still people calling JLO fat and think Madonna is turning into a man. Too bad these people have influence.
The fashion show ban angered many designers and agencies. These are the people who set the pace and they believe skinny models present their clothing better.
I'd like to shoot a healthy dose of self-esteem in some of these girls; seems to be the only solution

6:09 PM  
Anonymous Bicepsual said...

Not to mention bodybuilding being a proven cure for annorexia, which sheds a very positive light on it (you can eat and still not gain fat,)

I bumped into many cases, the most famous of them all is the golden girl, Ericca Kern, who was one of the most reknowned bodybuilders of the early 90's. Bodybuilding practically saved her life.

I'd like to thank you for finally seeing a broadcaster talking about female bodybuilding with dignity, no snicker or sarcastic remarks about who wears the pants in the house or whatever, and even showing some respect for these very special and hard working individuals.


1:42 PM  

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